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Explanation of EOC Activation Levels

Level 1

Maximum Readiness = Red Full scale activation of the Hays County Emergency Operations Center. In a full scale activation all primary and support agencies under the Emergency Management Plan are notified and activiated.

Level 2

Increased Readiness - Watch Condition = Yellow Partial activation of the Hays County Emergency Operations Center. This is limited agency activation. All necessary agencies needed to respond to the particular incident will be notified and activiated.

Level 3

Normal Conditions = Green Typically a "monitoring" phase. Emergency Management and Preparedness Division staff are activated and operating under normal business hours.

Explanation of Wildfire Danger Levels


RED Fires start easily from most causes. Control of fires can become difficult if not attacked promptly, especially in heavy fuels. Most fires can be controlled within the first day of burning. IGNITION: All fine dead fuels ignite readily and fires start easily from most causes. Unattended brush and campfires are likely to escape. SPREAD: Fires spread rapidly. High-intensity burning may develop on slopes or in concentrations of fine fuels.


Yellow Fires can start from most accidental causes, but the number of starts is generally low. Fires burn at moderate intensities. Fires will burn actively; heavy fuels will burn hot. IGNITION: Fires can start from most accidental causes, but with the exception of lightning fires in some areas, the number of starts is generally low. SPREAD: Fires in open cured grasslands will burn briskly and spread rapidly on windy days. Timber fires spread slowly to moderately fast. The average fire is of moderate intensity,although heavy concentrations of fuel, especially draped fuel, may burn hot.


Green Fires do not readily start. Fires that do start, spread slowly and usually are easy to control. IGNITION: Fuels do not ignite from small firebrands although a more intense heat source, such as lightning, may start fires in duff or dry rotted wood. SPREAD: Fires in open cured grasslands may burn freely a few hours after rain, but woods fires spread slowly by creeping or smoldering, and burn in irregular fingers


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